About us

S.C. TALC DOLOMITA S.A. has over 40 years experience in exploiting, primary processing and trading quarry aggregates. All our products are highly appreciated among our customers.

Over the years, TALC DOLOMITA S.A. has won a professional reputation in its activity. We have gained our customersÂ’ trust through our constant product quality and timely delivery of goods. For S.C. TALC DOLOMITA S.A., one of the biggest assets is the human capital.

The economical revival took place with the help of these assets that we managed to retain despite the usual difficulties of every revival. The experience and the tenacity of our people had an important contribution in attracting new clients and in the development of new markets for our products.

S.C. TALC DOLOMITA S.A.      A Tender Grup Company     

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