The physics-chemical laboratory is placed in the organization headquarters, certified as a third degree laboratory and with physics-chemistry analysis being done for all products obtained in the production sectors.
Here, the product's compliance with the imposed standards are verified.

Because the quality of the products and services is ensured only by consequent leadership, planning and control measures of the involved processes, the General Manager of the company is involved in applying the Quality Management System based on SR EN ISO 9001:2001 standard, which ensures client satisfaction and continuous improvement. All the activities involved in the making of products and services delivered to clients are closely analyzed, planned and monitored in order to meet the established objectives.

A set of permanent objectives were established in order to ensure the policy implementation:

  • Continuous improvement of the product and service quality offered to our clients;
  • Improving client satisfaction;
  • Increase the level of personnel training, establishing and improving the Quality Management System;
  • Increase the turnover;

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